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Re: quarter peal

    He is on his tiptoes every couple of blows, but if you're looking for 
up in the air it's mostly when he's in sixth's place, although it happens 
sometimes when dodging in 3/4 or 1/2.  The correlation is that it's 
happening when he is at the end of the tail.  In terms of the recent 
discussions in our towers, he's doing (necessarily) extreme tail end 
adjustments and sometimes there isn't enough tail left to adjust.  Or 
that's my take.  In case you're wondering if a bigger box would make a 
difference, that isn't really an option.
    Here is a better view of how high up the tenor ringer is at Southwark. 
 In this case (from 14 years ago, apparently) the tenor ringer is Leon 
Thompson, who is not particularly tall.  Note the placement of the chair, 
presumably for ease of getting off the box. It's only a minute long, not 
an hour like the quarter peal. 

Laura Dickerson

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Hi! I found this quarter peal online:


If you watch the tenor, you’ll see him frequently leave the ground, 
apparently knowing exactly how and when to use his full weight…

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