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Re: [tws-ringers] Trinity Race & Ring

   Possibly the obvious 10K would be the BAA one on June 23.  IIRC, that 
one even goes down Charles Street. I'm one of the interested parties, and 
I may be out of town that day, though.

   My alternative suggestion is to make up our own race.  After some map 
fiddling, I have found that it is 6.2 miles from 234 Broadway in Arlington 
to Old North (much of that route is Broadway in Arlington and Somerville, 
veering through Main Street in Charlestown and across the bridge on the 
new sidewalk). I'm sure people could come up with alternative routes.  If 
we had other people doing service ringing at the Advent the racers could 
start in time to ring the quarter at noon at ON.  We could stash beverages 
and maybe dry shirts under the stairs the day before.  

   The majority of Boston ringers seem to be walkers, not runners.  There 
is no reason we couldn't just declare that to be our project.  

Laura Dickerson

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Cute idea from NYC ringers...any interest in something similar for Boston?
- Phoebe

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*“A peal is for ringers what a marathon is for runners.” - Tim Barnes*

But what feat is for ringers who are aspiring runners? And runners who are
aspiring ringers?

Introducing the Trinity Race & Ring!

*Saturday, June 15, 2024*

~ Exact times TBD but events as follows ~

   - Quarter Marathon 🏃‍♀️
      - Run the NYRR Queens 10k
      <https://www.nyrr.org/races/2023/nyrrqueens10k>. Cost is $60.
      Registration opens Feb 1. Races sell out quickly, so I’ll send a 
      with a link to the registration page once it’s available.
      - OR Cheer on Trinity ringer-runners
      - OR Walk or Bike your own quarter marathon route (e.g. the Central
      Park loop)
   - Quarter Peal 🔔
      - Ring at Trinity
   - Quarter Gallon 🍺
      - Beer (1 quart = 2 pints)
      - OR Beverage of choice

Please RSVP by Thursday if you are interested in joining, and note in what
“events” you plan to participate. I look forward to accomplishing this fun
feat together!


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