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Sunday service ringing on December 24th

     Both churches are having the main morning service at 10 AM, I think 
so that people can rest up for the later services that day.  Old North is 
just having morning prayer (no communion) so they expect the service may 
end as early as 10:45. They are not open to tourists in the afternoon. 
Priscilla (office administrator) and I have agreed that we will ring for 
15 minutes and then leave, so that nobody has to hang around long to lock 
up after us.  There are three of us signed up. Josh and I did ON service 
ringing once by ourselves, so it isn't unprecedented. I don't know what to 
do about ringing at the Advent - before the main service would mean 9:30 
until 9:50. That would need to be approved, I suppose.  

Laura Dickerson