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Time to spend money

  Background - we have many dollars in the Boston Bellringers account.  In 
fiscal year 2023 we have spent $33, with the  most recent purchase being 
some lightbulbs. We have had no income to speak of, because we haven't 
rung for any weddings (in 2022 we rang for six. I have no idea why some 
years lots of people want wedding bells and some years not). 
   At a past meeting we decided that small expenses did not need to be 
approved by the populace in general, but I don't remember what the cut-off 
point was. At Old North we have had a good fan for a long time, originally 
donated by Dianne and Greg, I think. It worked very well until recently, 
but now it doesn't work. Danielle kindly offered to shop for a 
replacement. My guess is that the cost will be more than the lightbulbs 
but less than the Ringing World subscription (renewal is in about a month, 
and will cost about $190 for a year of the paper version). Any objections?

Laura Dickerson