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I have probably overstepped my authority; seeking wedding advice

   Months ago we were approached by an Advent parishioner who is getting 
married on May 20th.  I was included in the exchange to confirm payment 
($300 for 6-8 ringers, payable in cash or check). Then I turned into the 
main correspondent about plans. Our usual procedure is to ring the bells 
up beforehand and ring for 15-20 minutes afterward, starting as the 
newlyweds walk down the aisle. Since most ceremonies at ON are less than 
half an hour, the time commitment for being in the building is usually 
about an hour.   We haven't rung for a wedding at the Advent since before 
the pandemic.  Josh was an attendee at the last one, and might remember 
when it was. They had a full mass with hymns and choir, and the mass alone 
lasted over an hour, meaning that we had a lot of waiting around.  As 
mentioned, it's been a long time, so it's not necessarily obvious to a 
Sunday worshipper what we do for weddings.  My engaged-person contact 
presumed it would be a lot like Sunday service ringing (beforehand, 
stopping ten minutes before the mass for the prelude). This week we've 
been going back and forth about whether to ring them out as well.  They 
are content with just before, but asked about a discount since they 
wouldn't be getting the whole treat. The wedding starts at 2 PM on 
Saturday the 20th of May (this is *NOT* Quebec/Memorial day weekend). We'd 
need to leave ON practice early, or people who just want to ring for the 
wedding could go directly to the Advent.  I suggested ringing from 
1:30-1:50. This would give us time for bells up, some call changes, bells 
down, then head out for frolicking in the Public Garden or something 
instead of trying to be quiet during the mass.  Should we knock a little 
bit off the price and say $250?  I was planning to put my payment into the 
donation box, and could add some to compensate for messing this up. 

    Note to anybody who has read thus far but doesn't think you could ring 
for a wedding - being able to ring nice rounds is the basic job 
description. No method knowledge is required.  Payment is $30.00 per 

    A column will go on the spreadsheet as soon as we decide on the exact 

Laura Dickerson