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Quarter composition of Double Beryl with Plain Bob coursing order

We’ve been joking about how it would be sooo much easier to ring Double 
Beryl if it had a proper coursing order (we could test the veracity of 
this claim by starting Double Beryl from 12346578 sometime), so I spent a 
while this evening fiddling with complib to make the bells in Double Beryl 
dodge on the front and back with their Plain Bob course and after bells.

The fewest calls I found to get to the plain bob coursing order was sV sW 
sV, which swaps the 5 and the 6. Then I put in WHW sH sH x3 to keep the 
coursing orders fairly static for the meat of the quarter and get back to 
rounds with another sV sW sV for a 1344. I’m sure there are more elegant 
and more musical compositions than this, so if you’ve got the time and the 
hankering for composing under this somewhat silly restriction, try to do 
me one better!


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