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Guild Meeting on Zoom, 2/22 (etc.)

Hi all,
A heads-up/reminder that since the Church of the Advent is having an Ash
Wednesday service at our usual practice time on 2/22, we're going to hold
our much-delayed Guild Meeting instead, over Zoom.  (If somebody with a
better Zoom account than I have could set up the meeting, that would be
great; otherwise I can do it.)  If you are on this list and currently live
in or vaguely near Boston, you are encouraged to attend!
My thought is that since some people may need to sign on late, we should
start the Zoom at 7:00, but have the first 30 mins. be chatting (+ possibly
ringing on RingingRoom), and then start the actual business meeting at
7:30ish.  Does that sound reasonable to people?
I've attached the minutes of what I think is our previous meeting, plus a
(draft) agenda for the meeting.  If anyone has anything they'd like to add,
or thinks we should do things in a different order, LMK--again, the agenda 
set in stone.
Also, officers: please draw up (or figure out what you're going to say in)
your reports.  If you can't make it to the meeting, please send
me/Austin/Kat/somebody a copy, so that somebody can submit it in your

We currently have only four people signed up to ring on Sunday; at least
one won't be able to make it to Advent service ringing at 10:15.  So if
there's any chance you could make it to service ringing at one or both
churches - even if you can only ring rounds at this point - we would really
really appreciate it if you could sign up!

Outgoing Advent Guild Secretary
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Advent (and MIT) Guild Meeting, Ash Wednesday 2023

1) Review of the minutes of the 2021 Guild Meeting (pro forma)

2) New Member election
        (a) Do we actually have a list of members?  If so, we should find
        (b) Poss. new/reinstated members include Amy, Cara, Rachael, Sam.  
Are there any others?
        (c) If they're not present at the meeting, we should perhaps ask 
if they're willing and interested in being members

3) Advent Officer Reports
        a. Tower Captain - Austin Paul
        b. Ringing Master - Phoebe House/Danielle Morse
        c. Steeple Keeper - Elaine Hansen/Greg Russell
        d. Secretary - Josh Burson
        e. Treasurer - Laura Dickerson
        f. Church Liaison - Dale Winter 
        g. Clapper Correspondent - Laura Dickerson
        h. Spreadsheet Reminder-er - Ricky/Sam(?)
        i. Teaching on Fridays [ADDED] - Austin Paul/Greg Russell

4. Advent Guild Officer Elections (IMPORTANT, BECAUSE SEVERAL PEOPLE HAVE 

5. MIT Guild Officer Reports
        a. Ringing Master - Kat Whimsy!
        b. Steeple Keeper - Ricky Morse
        c. Secretary - Margaret Pan
        d. Handbell Keeper - Cally Perry
        [For Church Liaison, see above]

6. Discussion of MIT Affiliation Status

7. MIT Guild Officer Elections

8. Other Business :
        Possible topics include, but are not limited to--
        - Sunday Attendance 
        - Monthly QPs
        - Is there interest in trying to organize trips to non-ringing 
towers?  (Perkins Institute, Watertown; Emmanuel Church, Newport, RI)

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