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Fw: Bellringer Exchange

Hi all,

It took me a little while to realize this went to an MIT internal address 
which I am probably responsible for; sorry about the delay in passing it 
on.  I responded saying this would be cool and referred them to Kat about 
visiting and the logistics of going to their practice with Old North 
service ringing being right before.

From: Ty Kannegieter <tkannegieter college harvard edu>
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2022 4:50 PM
To: guild-of-bellringers-contact
Cc: Tessa Conrardy; Connor Chung
Subject: Bellringer Exchange

Salve amicis,

My name's Ty, and I'm one of the co-presidents of Harvard's Lowell House 
Bellringer Society. I was recently made aware of MIT's bellringing 
society, and we were wondering if you and your organization of bellringers 
would be interested in potentially visiting each other's bellringing 

As you may or may not know, we ring Russian style bells on our side of 
Cambridge. Lowell House notably housed the bells of the Danilov Monastery 
(seat of the Russian Orthodox church) during the 20th century. Today, we 
ring a replica set of the Danilov bells, only ours have additionally been 
tuned to a western scale. This makes our bells the only ordained Russian 
bells able to play melodies of classics such as Orff's "O Fortuna!" or 
George Michael's "Last Christmas". Our largest bell, Mother Earth 
(pictured below), weigns some 13000 kg, and is in fact, quite awesome. 
It's kinda neat if you ask me.

We would love to arrange a time or times where we visit each other's 
ringings! We ring sundays at 1pm, and it appears you have a ringing on 
Saturdays as well as Sundays. Would you potentially want to organize a 
weekend where some of our members visit your practice at the Old North 
Church on Saturday and some of you attend our ringing the following 
Sunday? We would love to share bellringing knowledge and get to know our 
fellow ringers!

Please let me know, and happy holidays!


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