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Hi folks -

   We're planning on carving pumpkins and would love to have folks join us!

   Where: 7 Gardner Pl, Winchester, MA
   When: Saturday, October 22, 2pm-6pm (feel free to show up anytime)

   Covid protocols: vaccinations required.  If the weather is good, we'll
be mostly outside anyway; masks are encouraged but not required for quick
trips inside to the bathroom etc.  If it is cold/rainy, we'll likely move
indoors, in which case we ask that folks wear a mask except when eating and
drinking.  Testing beforehand is encouraged, and please don't come if you
aren't feeling well!

   We'll have some snacks and drinks, and an assortment of carving tools
(nothing fancy).  If you let us know by Friday morning that you'd like one,
we can probably pick up a pumpkin for you, or you can bring your own (or
just come and hang out)!

   Additional friends welcome.  RSVP appreciated so we have an idea how
many to expect, but come along even if you forget to let us know or change
your mind at the last minute.

          ~ Emily, Dale, and Robin
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