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Fwd: Inquiry into recording bells of the Old North

Hi! This message came to me last week (I missed it due to inbox 
pollution), but I’ve just responded with a tentative yes, subject to him 
talking to the church…


> Begin forwarded message:
> From: "Smolicki, Jacek" <jsmolicki fas harvard edu>
> Subject: Inquiry into recording bells of the Old North
> Date: September 15, 2022 at 11:41:19 PM EDT
> To: "pukku mac com" <pukku mac com>
> Dear Ricky,
> I hope this email finds you well.
> I found your email address on the MIT Guild of Bellringers website.
> I am a postdoc researcher and artist visiting from Stockholm as a 
> Fulbright affiliate at the Musci Department of Harvard.
> My research concerns field recording and soundscape composition with a 
> focus on cultural and natural soundmarks.
> I have been reading about the bells of the Old North and wonder if it 
> would be possible to record them?
> I am very interested not only in the ringing sound but also all 
> peripheral acoustic characteristics that the bells' movements and 
> vibrations cause. I have a range of various microphones that I can use 
> to capture those characteristics.
> Please, let me know if there might be such a possibility and I would be 
> happy to present my ideas further.
> Best wishes,
> Jacek
> Jacek Smolicki
> PhD
> Fulbright Visiting Scholar 2022-2023
> Music Department
> Harvard University
> International Postdoc 2020-2023
> Department of Culture and Society
> Linköping University
> Associate Researcher
> Sonic Research Studio
> Simon Fraser University
> Associate Scholar
> Informatics and Media Hub for Digital Existence
> Uppsala University, Sweden
> Artist/Designer/Educator
> www.smolicki.com <http://www.smolicki.com/>
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