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somewhat randomly timed interim treasurer's report

     Boston Bellringers is running a profit for the calendar year 2022. 
The wedding fee structure means that we always come out ahead.  (we charge 
more than we reimburse the ringers, on purpose.  Ringers can be paid up to 
$30 each but can request less).  We've had four at ON this year, We've 
been asked for one more in October.  Please sign up if you're available. 
Skill at cribbage is not required.  Wedding profits plus one unreasonably 
large donation means that we have bought a slider and a couple of small 
things plus we
renewed the RW for a year and still have more money than we did last year. 
   PSA - if you've ever wanted to buy something in GB pounds, now might be 
a good time. It's not setting a record (that would be 1985), but is fairly 
cheap nonetheless.  Relatedly, people who are negotiating with the 
churches about having them pay for ropes might
want to plan for the idea that the cost will go up at some point when the 
exchange rate changes.

Laura Dickerson