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Re: Fourth of July Dracut

Hi everyone! Kathryn here (on John's account), and I'm looking forward to
seeing everyone.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm extremely allergic to soybean oil,
which is found in many prepared foods and in any oil that is just called
"vegetable oil" without further indications of its origins. It would be
super-duper helpful if people could label foods "no soybean oil" if they
are safe for me to consume (or "K stay away" if they aren't!), or to leave
the wrapper of prepared foods available for me to check. I'm often sick for
a couple of days after consuming soybean oil accidentally, so I'd be very
much obliged!

Thanks so much!

John E. Schreiner
Director of Maintenance and Special Projects
C. B. Fisk, Inc.

On Sat, Jul 3, 2021 at 4:24 PM Gregory Russell <gfr10598 gmail com> wrote:

> For those coming straight from ringing or using public transportation for
> part of your journey, do not feel obligated to bring food - we'll gladly
> accept help setting up, cooking and cleaning up, but if you would like to
> bring food to share, that will be welcome.
> Our plans were to be mostly outside, both up on our deck and down by the
> water, but if the weather doesn't cooperate, we'll figure out how to
> adapt.  We have quite a few outdoor chairs, but considering how many
> are coming, consider bringing a camp or beach chair or picnic blanket if 
> it
> isn't too much trouble.  We also have multiple umbrellas for shade, and a
> few blankets for the ground.
> Our address is 70 Pine Tree Lane, in Dracut.  Google Maps will get you
> here pretty accurately.  Google will bring you to a paved circle, and
> you'll see a white fence with a sign that says "Private - Keep out". The
> road is single lane gravel, and will likely have pot holes after the 
> rain,
> so drive slowly.
> We are the first driveway on the left, with a slate sign on the tree.  If
> you pass by the driveway, you can circle around to the left, and you'll
> come to a gravel circle, where there is additional parking in front of a
> big two car garage, and on a grassy area beside a big tan shelter.  Our
> house is just beyond the circle, and there is another (70) on a tree to
> mark it.  If our driveway is getting filled up, you can pass through the
> cut-through to the gravel circle, and around to the garage and shelter
> parking.
> There's no set plan for the afternoon - people are welcome to show up any
> time after noon.  (If you show up early we might put you to work).  We 
> can
> plan for the food to be a latish lunch or dinner, or just go all day -
> whatever people prefer.  We'll have some handbells and we do have a few
> board games - or bring your own.
> We'll plan a campfire in the late afternoon or evening, especially since
> we have people bringing stuff for S'mores.  If anyone wants to indulge
> Cathy, she likes to sing rounds around the fire.
> Everyone is welcome to stay and see if the neighbor puts on a fireworks
> show this year - it probably won't start until after 9:00 at least (and 
> we
> can't guarantee it will occur), or to leave when you've had enough food
> and socializing.
> Looking forward to a great day, despite the weather.
> Greg and Cathy
> On Thu, Jul 1, 2021 at 8:38 AM Gregory Russell <gfr10598 gmail com> 
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>   Here is a  rides and food spreadsheet
>> <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12-8zwAPwzvbaVfrTxKgDX62tHkgV7uEscAEjRi7sn70/>
>>  to
>> keep track of things.  The rides sheet is currently empty, but hopefully
>> others can add some structure.
>> The weather forecast has been very volatile.  We have complications on
>> Monday and next weekend, but would like to get an idea whether people 
>> would
>> prefer to forge ahead with Sunday, or consider rain dates.
>> Looking forward to seeing all of you!
>> Greg & Cathy
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