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Josh's "Learn Bristol" methodoku

Hi all,
In the wake of yesterday's successful QP, I had another look at Bristol,
trying to understand it via my traditional method of turning it into a sort
of mostly-rule-based Methodoku.  Sending this out to non-Bristol ringers,
on the off-chance case that people are interested:
-  This is a palindromic Surprise method *(i.e.: the treble treble-bobs,
and if you just drew the lines on a piece of paper, leaving out the
numbers, they would form a mirror image across the half-lead, when the
treble's lying behind; see also
- There are no long places (i.e., you never strike more than two blows in
the same position in a row.)
- The #6 starts by making a Stedman whole turn in 5-6, then makes a fish
tail *(7th, 8th, 7th, 8th, 7th) *in 7-8.  They then dodge in 5-6, run
in,make a point lead, make places in 4-5, run out, make a point at the
back, and run back in.
At the start of the NEXT lead, they're going to dodge in 3-4 and then do a
fishtail in 1-2.
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