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updates from practice

Hi all,

It was great to see those of you at practice last night!

Per our discussion, there's been some talk of ditching the "ringing in
shifts" procedure, since some minds have changed wrt the survey results
that are a month old at this point.
As I see it, there are 2 aspects to this: i) the number of people in the
tower at a time, and ii) clearing the room for ventilation purposes.

I'm attaching the graph of CO2 levels throughout the evening. The sensor
was at chest height on the organ box behind the 6. (Near but underneath the
open windows. my options were very limited). X axis is in seconds since
6:55 or so. I think we turned the fan on around x=5000 (8:20ish), but I
suspect it stirs the tower air more than it improves outside air exchange.
Y axis is in ppm. You can clearly see when we took our breaks.

At risk of opening a can of worms AND spilling them all over the floor, I'd
appreciate it if everyone* could reply to me with a _brief_ summary of
their thoughts on the capacity/shifts/ventilation situation, and we can
reevaluate for next week.

Please continue to sign up in advance: the church requires us to keep
attendance records, so please don't delete old spreadsheet columns yet

Also, I'm curious to hear how the virtual practice timing worked out.
Though perhaps those discussions can move to #planning in the discord.

Do shout if you have comments/concerns/other thoughts- I've probably
forgotten something.
Anyway, hope to see you again soon!


*i should maybe clarify- everyone who is likely to attend a Wednesday
practice in the next few months
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