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Advent Practice starting this Wednesday (6/2)

Hi everyone,

At long last, we will be holding our first practice back at the Advent this
coming Wednesday! (7-9pm)

Here's how I envision this first practice working:
- We want to limit the number of people in the ringing room/antechamber to
- Supposing we have more than that attending, we will hang out outside the
church (probably on Mt Vernon), sending 8 people up at a time for 25 minute
slots. Then, we will regroup downstairs for 5 minutes as a break (this will
hopefully let some air turn over in the tower as well).
- *Masks are required to be worn indoors by the church*.
- Please sign up in our RingingAttendance spreadsheet so we know how many
(and whom) to expect.
- Some ringers would also appreciate it if you shared your vaccination
status in the spreadsheet as well.

The weather this week should be nice. If attendance looks high, perhaps
bringing a lawn chair could be wise. If navigating stairs is an issue, we
can negotiate the shifts around you. Future weeks, we may move this
regrouping indoors to the library or Moseley, or ditch the procedure

I'll try to remember to bring the CO2 sensor as well, fwiw.

I suspect virtual practice may have very thin attendance as a result of
Advent practice restarting. I propose adjusting Wednesday virtual practice
to 8-9pm EDT. Hopefully the later start time and shorter duration can
concentrate our attendance to overlap better. We can also turn Monday
virtual practice into a hybrid hand/tower/mixed practice. Let me know your
thoughts around this.

Hope to see you soon!
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