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Air Flow

Hi all,

I'm attaching the data I gathered from Ed's CO2 monitor yesterday at both
churches (15 minutes of 4-person ringing at each, raise and lower 
The y-axis should be PPM, and the X-axis is seconds.

As a vaccinated band, we were ringing on the front 4 at both towers. The
sensor was placed on boxes near the center of the ring at roughly waist
height. Windows were open.

At Advent, my laptop went to sleep after a few minutes, and then resumed
plotting when I restarted it after our 15 minutes of ringing was done. This
explains the jump in the plot, but unfortunately that missing interval is
indeed missing.

You might notice levels at ON going up and down, but it's all within a very
tight range. My takeaways here, fwiw, are that ventilation at ON is quite
good (assuming some cross breeze), and Advent less so.

John and I will be reaching out about sign-ups for resuming practice and
more-standard service ringing to begin next weekend (probably... final
clearance from churches still tbc). The tenor at Old North is still
sans-staple, but the fix is moving forward again.

Thanks all for filling out the survey earlier this month. Looking forward
to ringing with you all again soon!

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