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4th of July gathering?

July 4th is a Sunday. There should be service ringing both towers, at 
least. The Boston Pops have said that they'll decide about a concert and 
fireworks by sometime in June, ie pretty soon. Whatever they decide, it 
might be nice to eat together once again, even if it turns out to be on 
the Greenway after service ringing. 
Arthur and I are a couple of months past 2nd shot, but I am going to 
continue to be very cautious (continuing to mask after most people stop, 
etc.) and I would like to know that everybody I'm eating with (unmasked) 
has been vaccinated as well (aside from small children). There is enough 
time between now and the 4th that someone who hasn't been vaccinated still 
has time. Can I help? Drive people to appointments? Be like Ohio and buy 
you a lottery ticket? 

Laura Dickerson 
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