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Tower Bell Ringing for Service/Easter/Lantern Service

*TL;DR:*  Email me directly if interested in tower bell ringing


I hope you all have been doing okay, and that those in Boston have enjoyed
some nicer weather to start spring.

Regarding the current state of ringing at the towers, we have been holding
service ringing at Advent (i.e., brief minimus ringing on non-consecutive
bells). In addition, we are planning with the church(es) ringing for Easter
and ON's lantern service.

*If you have an interest in ringing tower bells in person, or expect to in
the near future* (pending vaccination status/a return to Boston/COVID case
trajectories, etc.), *please email me directly*. This will help for
short-term planning for these events, and knowing the size of a potential
band as we consider ringing longer or with more people.

*We will plan a larger discussion later this spring about ringing moving
forward,* once the churches are closer to reopening and we get a further
understanding of COVID case trajectories. In the meantime, *we continue to
hold practices on Discord during our usual practice nights* (Mondays
starting 7:30ish ET, Wednesdays starting 7ish ET).

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