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A November Walk/Run Challenge

Hi everyone,

In case you want a little extra motivation to get outside as it gets darker
and colder, Phoebe and I have created a team (Stedman Canters!) for
the WalkBoston
<https://walkboston.org/>"Beat the Bay State" Challenge.


The idea is to get a team of people to log their miles walked/run during
November to try to accumulate 900, the perimeter of the state. As it is a
fundraiser, there is a $22.15 registration fee, but I'm happy to pay and/or
sign-up for those that don't feel comfortable doing so (even if you only
walk one mile all month) - just let me know!

You don't need a fitbit or tracking app or anything, it's all
self-reported. The more the merrier, especially since I don't think Phoebe
and I can do it all on our own. But if we don't even come close, that's
okay too.

Happy walking,

P.S. The reg. process admittedly isn't the most straightforward... let me
know if you have issues. I can even register for you with my own info, and
you can still log miles on your own. Apologies in advance for gender-binary
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