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MIT affiliation

Hello all,

I hope you all are well. I'm graduating with a Master's in January, but
unfortunately this means that the MIT guild will be without a student
president in February. Without a student president (who needs MIT
certificates/access/ability to go to 526 hours of mandatory training
events), our MIT affiliation will lapse. Without an MIT affiliation, we
would no longer have building access when campus reopens to the public
(unclear when, if ever).

We can't go to campus or poster or recruit in person right now, but we 
still run events which would go on an internal student events calendar.
However, it's not the most expedient thing to invite a new person along to
a regular Monday/Wednesday practice these days; now it requires a Discord
invite and a Ringing Room log-in, and even with that a new ringer-to-be
would end up in a room full of faceless strangers, which isn't ideal.

If someone would like to run events/classes/whatever for MIT student
recruitment, I can help/support by putting events up on the calendar.
Leland and I have run several learner sessions  on RR+Zoom at this point,
and we are also happy to chat if someone is interested in teaching but
unsure of how to get started. Between a double class load, writing a
thesis, and pandemic, I'm not prepared to commit to anything more for the
semester. Anyone with MIT certificates can access here to add events:

Best wishes,
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