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Old North Historic site back to virtual only

   After having the sanctuary open to tourists for a very brief time, it's 
back to online programming only
This is snipped from a longer announcement by Nikki Stewart, the executive 

>>On Monday, July 27, the Old North Foundation Board of Directors made the 
>>difficult decision to suspend on-site programming and reduce staffing to 
>>protect our limited resources. Over the next six months we will focus 
>>our efforts on strategic planning, developing virtual content for the 
>>2020-21 school year, and diversifying our revenue streams.<<
   Whole letter here:

   I don't know what reduced staffing means - they had already laid off 25 
part time folks. 
  Of the content they've added during lockdown time, TJ's series of 
historical snippets about the church called "99% sure" will continue, I 
think, and there is a game for sale (that I haven't tried)

Laura Dickerson