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Re: Anyone know anyone at Taylor's?

 Not about Taylor's, but about locating the bells: go to    towerbells.org 
    and navigate through the site to search "chimes" in Lebanon PA.  There 
you can find St. Luke's Church with a chime of 8 Taylor bells.  Postal 
address, Web site, and phone number are shown.
David MakerEllington, CT
    On Thursday, June 11, 2020, 08:54:47 PM EDT, Joshua Burson 
<joshburson09 gmail com> wrote:  
 Hi all,
A very random question.  I'm doing some research for...well, mostly out of
curiosity, partly for a possible (meta) Clapper article on the
not-actually-comprehensive list of North American chimes, rings and
carillons the Clapper published in 1985. For this, I'm trying to find out
about a particular chime by Taylor's in Lebanon, PA; but I haven't had any
luck contacting the Foundry about this.  So: does anyone on this list know
anyone at Taylor's who might be able to help me out?

--Josh Burson
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