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Re: Socially-distanced hangout

We'll be using Bryn's paid account (through her work), which doesn't have a
time-limit on meetings.

See some of you soon!

On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 2:47 PM Katarina Whimsy <kdsorceress gmail com>

> This is one professor's report on Zoom, but it sounds like the data might
> be less dubious than feared:
> https://twitter.com/twwings/status/1239231385543610369
> I've also been hearing reports that Zoom is extending time allowed due to
> pandemic? I think? I don't feel like digging any of those up right now, 
> so
> someone else can research it.
> I can't make tonight's hangout, but I am pleased to hear it's happening.
> Enjoy y'all! Lemme know when the next one is!
> ~Kat
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