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ringing practice tool

Greetings from Vancouver!

A while ago I made a web app with some change ringing tools, which I showed a few of you last weekend at Smith. It can be found at https://changeringing.glitch.me/. That link will take you to just a method/touch printer, with two buttons to switch to other tools. The first allows you to practice drawing blue lines for methods (I was trying to imitate the tutorials here: https://rsw.me.uk/blueline/methods/tutorials). The other option is not like anything I've seen yet related to ringing—I designed it to help me follow along when listening to (or attempting to judge!) ringing and I think it could be useful especially for beginners to work on listening skills. It displays pitch contour graphs of the rows of a method.

This is still a bit of a work in progress—touch capability is limited and I'm sure there are bugs. There are some additional features and tools I'd like to add but I don't know when I'll get around to them! In the meantime, it's on the internet and anyone can use it for method practice. It was nice to see people last weekend and I hope to be back periodically. If you're ever visiting Vancouver let me know!

Alison S