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Fw: [ASCY] Fwd: Return of St Paul's Bells

See the note below from Phil Rogers. 


Dear All,


I am writing to you as donors to and/or supporters of the St Paul’s Cathedral Bell Restoration Project with the good news that the bells will be returning to the Cathedral on Monday 3rd September.


The provisional timetable is that they will leave Loughborough at dawn, arrive at the Cathedral (all being well) around 8.30 and the bellhangers will immediately start lifting up ancillaries such as clappers etc but not the bells themselves.


There will be a blessing ceremony with the Bishop, Dean and other dignitaries at 10.00 and the lifting of the bells will start at some point after that..


You would be welcome to come along and see the show.  In the case of the representatives of ringing organisations please feel free to share the information with your members.


Best regards and thank you again for your support.