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Special ringing soon (Harborfest and Independence Day)

     Many people will be away on Sunday (July 1st). It would be nice to 
have at least six people for service ringing, especially at Old Norrh, 
because we will be part of the Harborfest schedule. 
      There are two ringing events on the 4th. The noon ringing at Old 
North is a quarter peal attempt, not general ringing, although a couple of 
us will be observing. That day is the 40th anniversary of the first MIT 
Guild  tower quarter.  
In the evening (beginning at about 7 PM), there will be a potluck picnic 
in the garden at the Advent (Mosely Hall if raining) followed by ringing.
The main fireworks start at 10:30 PM. 
Laura Dickerson