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Hi All,
I just thought you'd like to see the nice note I got from Father Day's daughter about the quarter we rang.

- Mira

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Date: Sun, Jun 17, 2018 at 11:59 AM
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Cc: Elizabeth Churchill <edchurchill me com>, "Mr. And Mrs. Matthew Day" <mwday22 hotmail com>

Dear Mira,
My siblings and I were deeply touched by your thoughtfulness in playing a quarter peal for our father, Father Day. My father loved his Advent years and the children and the school’s mission. He also loved being a part of the church. Our mother followed our father shortly after he died, so I imagine they are back to holding hands again after 54 years of marriage. When my dad was the Head of Advent, we lived at 17 Brimmer Street and basked in the bellringing and I can just hear the bells pealing right now.
In gratitude,
Catha Day-Carlson
Elizabeth Churchill
Matthew Day
From: Mira Whiting <miracb gmail com>
Date: February 11, 2018 at 6:50:40 PM EST
To: ndufauchard adventschool org
Subject: Re: A Message from the Head of School

Hi -- I wanted to reach out, both to say that I appreciate you sharing the news of Father Day's passing (I have very fond memories of him from my time at Advent), and to let you know that the Church of the Advent Guild of Bellringers rang a quarter peal this afternoon to honor him.  

The official listing should be up here soon, but the ringers also wanted me to reach out to let you know.   We rang a 1260 of Grandsire Triples.  The band was:

1. Mira Whiting
2. Danielle Morse
3.  John Bihn
4. Leland Paul Kusmer
5. Austin Paul
6. Kira Chase
7. Edward Futcher (conductor)
8. Elaine Hansen

- Mira (Blumberg) Whiting (Advent class of 1997)

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On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 10:34 AM, Nicole A. DuFauchard, The Advent School <ndufauchard adventschool org> wrote:
Dear Advent Community,

It is with great sadness that I share that Reverend Robert C. Day, Advent's Head of School from 1965-1995, has passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Barbara, their children, Catha Day-Carlson, Elizabeth Day Churchill, and Matthew Day, and Rev. Day's grandchildren during this time.

Rev. Day's granddaughter, Jessica, shared the following remembrance on her Facebook:

"It's been a long journey. Today the Reverend Robert Day peacefully passed. What an incredibly gentle, humble, lovely, soft yet well-spoken man. He made such waves in education and civil rights. ... From a young age, you made your way very much on your own, and it is incredible to hear second hand about the obstacles you overcame. You consistently championed education throughout your life, transforming teaching styles for Massachusetts students K through 12, and you and Barbara were committed activists in the civil rights movement, at one point moving to Alabama to tear down the system and teach at a black men's college."

I was honored to have spent time with Barbara and Rev. Day this past October. Ray, Raymond, and I traveled to Martha's Vineyard to visit the Days before they moved to Florida. Rev. Day and I had spoke and visited together many times over the last five years, where Bob he offered me guidance about everything from playground construction to working with the community, and stories of his time from the Civil Rights movement. I cherished our conversations, and deeply valued the insights Rev. Day shared with me.

Rev. Day's work was an inspiration for my own journey to Advent. His words about being part of Advent’s legacy have always resonated with me, “On my way home from working at Miles College in Birmingham teaching African American boys with Freedom Schools, Barbara and I both realized: elementary school is where we need to start, this foundation was the most important. The Advent School was the place where we could do something special, meaningful, and what the nation was struggling so hard to do."

I will miss him deeply and cherish the days my family got to spend with him. My heart is with the Barbara and his family.

Please email me if you would like to share your memories of Rev. Day. The School will collect the messages and share them with the family.

The School will share information about services with the Advent community when it becomes available. Please keep the family of Rev. Day in your thoughts.


Nicole A. DuFauchard
Head of School
The Advent School