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Re: striking on wednesday

I think that would be an excellent tool for us as a guild, but (as a newer/weaker ringer) I worry that it might lead to cliquishness if people try to form the "best" band. If we decide to do this, could it involve an element of random draw, or regularly changing up the groups competing against each other, so weaker and stronger ringers can be better mixed together?


On Monday, June 11, 2018, Greg Cermak <gcermak07 gmail com> wrote:
Striking competitions as learning tools: I just got an email informing me of a striking competition, part of a home-and-home series among six-bell towers in Cambridgeshire, where I used to live — which got me to thinking:  Since the attendance at Wednesday practices is often quite large, it may be possible to have an in-house striking competition as a part of practice. I’ve had a number of thoughts about how such a practice might work, but you will probably have your own ideas.

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