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AGM bid organisational meeting, Monday June 11 8pm - 9pm @ MIT 5-232,

Hi all,

Pursuant to our discussion at the MIT AGM and further casual conversation, we've decided to organise a more formal meeting to discuss the possibility of volunteering to host the NAGCR AGM next fall, 2019. Apologies for the short notice, but as some of us discussed last night, in order to get the ball rolling I think Monday June 11, 8pm-9pm is the best time. The meeting will be held at MIT 5-232, concurrently with handbell practice. I will take minutes and send all minutes to the listserv after I've compiled them.

Any people who would like to be a part of organisation efforts but who cannot make this meeting, please let me know (ideally electronically, so I can keep records). In addition, any person who cannot attend and who has comments/questions/concerns to be addressed at the meeting should feel free to send them to me. I can also raise any comments/questions/concerns anonymously if desired.

See you in Orleans, or on Monday!