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Fwd: Meeting Minutes for yearly Advent Guild of Bellringers, 2016

The last Advent meeting minutes...

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Date: Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 12:03 AM
Subject: Meeting Minutes for yearly Advent Guild of Bellringers, 2016
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Wednesday, September 28th 2016

Run by Danielle

Members in attendance: Danielle, Greg, Genni, John, Eddie, Josh
Non-members in attendance: Austin, Abby, Margaret, Michael

Reviewing todo from last year:
- Put second person on bank account besides Mel--not done
- Deal with church walls--DONE!

Todo for this upcoming year (consolidated from the text below this list):
- Get vacuum cleaner (Greg)
- Get/Hang clock (Eddie/Genni)
- Add Greg to bank account (this will take care of the todo from last year)
- Reminder to pay dues of $10
- Talk to church about getting another 3 ropes (Eddie)
- Notify church of upcoming quarters/peals so that they can publicize to members (Eddie)
- Michael will take over sending reminder emails
- Get new bolt/whatever for 5 (Josh/Elaine)

Elect New members:
Nominated and elected the following new members: Austin Paul, Abby Timmel, Margaret Pan, John Binh, Michael Tartell

Current Reports:
Ringing Master--John: Multiple quarters happened in spring, mostly successfully!

Tower Captain--Danielle: Yay, new members!

Treasurer--Mel: no report filed.  We expect that money probably hasn't changed much in past year...so ~$3,000

Steeple Keeper--Elaine: Clapper of 5 needs a new bolt; there are 2 new ropes (tenor and 5), and the rope for the 3 is currently stretching and it can go on whenever; we'll order 3 more ropes soon.  We just did a bunch of splicing recently to get some extra ropes as well; yay!  We may want to replace hardware connecting gudgeon and/or something else on the 5....(steeple keepers are talking about this)

Secretary--Genni: Christmas cards were sent out last year; minutes happened last year and are happening now, so yay!

Church Liaison--Eddie: The Church Liaison keeps everyone in touch. Please be aware that any complaints for the church should go through the Church Liaison, rather than trying to talk to the church directly.  Also, be nice to the church members and priests, please!  FYI: an upcoming memorial service will require ringing on Saturday, Oct 8th, and we have to figure out Smith ringing which conflicts with this....
Church bought ropes this year, and Eddie is planning on putting in from the church for another 3 ropes....

Announcements/topics of discussion:
- Beacon Hill group coming next week.  They'll be coming here AT 7; please be on time.
- Need to buy: Vacuum cleaner: everyone present approves this purchase.  Greg volunteered to buy one.  He'll bring in a few quotes on a Sunday or Wednesday, and people will decide what seems reasonable then, and we'll buy that.
- We also need a new clock for the wall in the ringing room.  It needs to be easy to read from across the room, and have a second hand.  Genni will check household for an extra clock and email Eddie with findings.  If needed, Eddie will buy one.
- Need volunteer to organize rides to Smith, memorial ringers for Vance.
- Michael willing to take over spreadsheet handling and reminder emails for attendance.
- Some Church members would like an announcement about upcoming quarters/peal, and Eddie is willing to let Church know about future peals/quarters so they can be publicly posted.

Ringing Master: Eddie is willing to do the organization of quarters and peals, and handle Sunday ringing.
Eddie accepts nomination and has been elected for Sundays, as long as someone else takes Wednesdays and Sundays that he can't make it.

Tower Captain: Elaine (will handle running Wednesday practice) nominated and elected.

Treasurer: Mel hasn't been here in over a year.  Even though Mel has been very responsive, it probably makes sense to find someone for this role who comes a little more regularly.  Greg nominated and elected treasurer.

Steeple Keeper: Josh nominated and elected.

Secretary: Genni is nominated and re-elected.

Church Liaison: Eddie is nominated and re-elected.

Clapper Correspondent: Laura is nominated and re-elected, if she is okay with continuing in her current position (she is not present, so we'll need to confirm outside this meeting.)

Keyholders will now be: Eddie, Josh, Ricky

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