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weekend ringing, eating, holiday stuff

Saturday July 1st - regular Old North practice, including visitors. My goal for the day is good striking (listening and handling exercises, lots of attention to rounds). Possibly firing practice. Methods as requested and possible (think about Stedman in particular).

Sunday the 2nd - regular service ringing at both towers, with an informational talk in the garden during the Old North ringing.

In addition to the general Boston-area Harborfest events, Old North is having a family Colonial fun festival on the weekend afternoons. Expect even more tourists than usual.


Tuesday the 4th Noon - 1PM at Old North, sort of like service ringing but anyone who can at least ring rounds is encouraged to attend. Likelihood of decorative snacks.

7 PM picnic in the garden/Moseley Hall at the Advent. We have gluten-free and dairy-free needs among the attendees. Possibly the best thing would be to bring your favorite potluck picnic food but make sure you can list all the ingredients so that people can be safe. Feel free to bring family and friends.

I still have not heard back about the timing of the 1812 Overture (and therefore the ringing). Sometime between 8:30 and about 10:15 PM, I guess. I will update when/if I learn more.

Laura Dickerson