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Bringing a mini ring to Boston

Hey all,
  I'm working up a proposal to bring a mini ring to Boston for Arisia '18 next January.  Introducing change ringing to a wider audience, and all that.  So I was wondering if anyone could help me with a couple of questions...

1.  Has anyone rung Tim Barnes's mini ring (which I believe lives in New Jersey or parts adjacent)?  Is it any good?  I keep hearing horror stories about mini rings built out of flower pots, though I don't THINK it's one of those...

2. *If* I got this approved by Arisia, would someone potentially be willing and able to put the owner of said mini ring up for a few nights?  I mean, I'm hoping we could get Arisia to comp. them a hotel room, but it would be nice to have a backup.

3. Likewise, might we be able to arrange a quarter peal on one our towers while he/she was here?  (I emailed Michael Hinton in Toronto for advice on this whole topic, and he suggested that this would be a Good Thing to do.)

4. Any other thoughts?

Anyway, thanks! 

--Josh Burson