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Re: Joanna Lynn Brosius Chaplin, May 23, 1986 - April 22, 2017

Oh my God!  This is such horrible news!

                    - Ken

On 4/23/2017 6:42 PM, Cally Perry wrote:

 I am writing to share the sad news that Joanna Lynn Brosius Chaplin, daughter of long time Boston ringers Eric and Claire Brosius,  died yesterday afternoon at 2PM, after a very long illness.  Jo was intelligent and kind, always sensitive to others, and full of grace and faith.  Even when she was sad, Jo never lost her quirky sense of humor.  She was a joy to all who knew her, from the time she came to handbells regularly in a baby carrier.  Her husband, Jeremiah Chaplin, wrote on Jo's Facebook account yesterday, that she passed into the arms of her Lord surrounded by family members who loved her very much and had the opportunity to say goodbye.   Our hearts go out to Jeremiah, to her parents, and to her brother, Sam.

Let me know if you would like information about the memorial service.



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