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Re: Easter Monday at Advent

>>Next Monday, the church will have an open house  (from 1 to 5) to display the flowers and also have the tower open for information on ringing.

If you are available to spend an hour or 4 that afternoon, entertaining visitors, please let me know. If there are sufficient people we can ring during the afternoon, if not, then just some demonstrations on one bell?<<

  Arthur and I can be there for part of the time, but don't really want to be the only ones.  When can other people attend?  I am also trying to figure out when we should watch the marathon runners go by, as the three people we know are in three different waves.

Laura Dickerson

PS Runnersworld magazine suggests that people visiting Boston eat at the Boston Public Market (among other places).  Expect it to be even *more* crowded this weekend.