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Re: Fwd: Inquiry about bellringing lessons for high end tour promoter

Hey all,
  My (limited) experience is that when people say something on the lines of "Don't be bashful about setting a price," you should figure that said price can be pushed higher than you think.  So my own gut instinct would be to say $80 or so per head.*  Yes, this is ridiculous when we eagerly encourage friends, members of the community, and random people off the street to come try it for free; but if the tour company would be willing to pony up that much, I'd say go for it.  And I believe there ARE people out there who will be more interested to try something if it costs more!  (Well, up to a point.)
  Anyway, this actually sounds potentially awesome.  Maybe we'll get really lucky and some multimillionaire tourist will decide that they want to endow a new bell tower somewhere!

Just my $0.02,

* Ricky, did they say anything about how MANY heads we'd be talking about here?  If the answer is four, than I guess Laura's $400 per tour would be roughly on target, though I might still see if we could push it higher.

On Tue, Nov 8, 2016 at 9:30 AM, <lauradi rcn com> wrote:

  How about $400 or so? Enough to compensate every ringer who comes to practice at a wedding kind of rate (25) and an extra 25 each for several instructors. We should probably give each of the tourists a one-per-learner as a souvenir, but those only cost a couple of bucks apiece.

Laura Dickerson

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Hi! I got this message from Old North. I’ve said that we’re broadly interested, but the details are going to be tricky. What kinds of questions should I ask to figure out said details? And any ideas or suggestions for a price?


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&gt; Ricky,
&gt; We are working with excursionist.com &lt;http://excursionist.com/&gt; to put together a high end tour package for small groups.  They are interested in the possibility of bell ringing lessons as part of some of those tours.  We would only offer them at the beginning or end of your regularly scheduled playing, i.e. Saturdays or Sundays.
&gt; Would you be willing to offer a half hour lesson?  If so, what would you want to charge?  These folks are high end, so don't be bashful in setting a price.
&gt; Steve

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