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November 5 YES Old North practice; Groton cancelled

Well,  you called it,  Laura.  It turns out that the Groton kids are sitting for the SATs on Saturday and there is no way we are ringing there.  Neil has asked if we could reinstate Old North practice.   He is hoping it will be the opportunity we requested for him to look over the bells.  He's also hoping the Higginbothams will come.   They were flying up for this snafu!  So,  can we be back on,  please?


On Oct 29, 2016 1:02 AM, <lauradi rcn com> wrote:
  The bellhanger who has been working on the bells at Groton has asked for ringing while he is around to make sure everything is fine. The date requested is November 5th, with the usual Saturday practice times 11 - 1.  We will probably discuss rides etc this weekend at ringing, but email is good too.
Laura Dickerson

PS totally unrelated to gunpowder treason

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