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weekend ringing (and eating) opportunities

   Many people will be away this weekend (be careful out there - AAA is predicting heavy traffic).   ANYBODY who can safely ring rounds is welcome/encouraged to attend any or all ringing sessions. 

Saturday - Old North practice as usual, 11 Am until 1PM.  Probably we will practice firing in addition to rounds, call changes, and hunting.  Possibly eating lunch together afterward. 


Sunday - Service ringing at both places, adding a talk in the garden during service ringing at Old North for Harborfest (which won't affect the ringing inside the tower).  It's the first Sunday of the month, but no quarter attempt is planned. Possibly eating lunch together afterwards.


Monday the 4th - Old North ringing similar to service ringing, noon until 1 PM.   I'm planning to bring snacks for break time. Will we also eat together afterward? Listen together to the 1 PM dramatic reading of the Declaration of Independence (at the church)?


Church of the Advent - there still is no online version of the program or running order of the concert.  We will get the bells up before or during the concert.  I am guessing that the 1812 Overture will start at about 10 PM, but I will post if I find out accurate information.  Fireworks start at 10:30 PM.

Traditionally, we have had a potluck supper before the concert.  Is 7:30 PM a good time for this?  Please let me know.


Laura Dickerson