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Ringers needed for July 3 & 4th

  The 3rd is a Sunday.  Our service ringing + talk at Old North are listed on the Harborfest schedule, so I'd like as many ringers as possible. I know some people will be away.

 I don't know that we'll have enough for noontime ringing at Old North on the 4th (currently we are up to a possible two), but the big priority that day is the 1812 ringing for the Pops concert.  The program is not available online yet, but the Pops site has embedded a video of an 1812 of the past, so I presume it will happen this year as well. The "method" for the 1812 ringing is rounds, so I'd encourage you to come if you can do that but nothing fancier.  Fireworks at 10:30 PM, so the ringing will be some time before that.  Concert guest stars are Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas.  It will be televised on CBS this year. 

  Thanks in advance for any response, one way or the other.

Laura Dickerson