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ringing on July 4th

   July 4th is on Monday this year.  The informational talk in the garden at Old North is on the Harborfest schedule for noon on Sunday the 3rd (during service ringing time). The Old North education person would like ringing at noon on the 4th, also, but has left it up to us to decide.  I told her I would do a survey, and pointed out that we need to know that there will be no tours during the ringing time (it isn't a problem on Sunday - the schedule of tours begins at 1 PM on Sundays).    Anybody available for noon ringing on the 4th?  If you have to choose one day for Old North, Sunday would be the priority. 
   I am presuming there will be an 1812 Overture in need of bells at the Esplanade concert, but don't know for sure - the web site only says that the concert starts at 8:30 PM and the fireworks are at 10:30 PM.  It doesn't yet spell out what is included in the concert.

Laura Dickerson