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November 8th Save the Date Boston hosts area meeting!

   On Sunday November 8th, the Boston towers will host an area meeting.  There will be service ringing as usual both places, plus extra ringing at the Advent from (12:30? 1 PM?  Whenever the mass is over) until 3 PM.  Handbell ringing will be available afterwards, or maybe during the afternoon tower ringing as well.  We might have a rope splicing workshop (or not.  We want to do that *sometime* but it doesn't have to happen on the 8th). 

We will surely eat something somewhere at some point in the day. 
Please let me know if you plan to come, and if you can help (just being present will help).  We will need people to guide walkers back and forth, people to set up snacks or lunch (and people to help figure out in advance which makes more sense), people who know how to hunt on handbells who can help with beginners, etc.

Laura Dickerson