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Advent Guild Meeting 9/2/2015; S6 method of the "month"

Its about time to have the annual Advent Guild Meeting.  I propose Wednesday September 2nd during practice, starting the meeting around 7:45pm.  Hopefully we'll finish the business quickly and get some more ringing in before 9pm.  Advent Guild officers, if you cannot attend please send me a summary I can read out during the meeting.  We'll elect new members and new officers and conduct any other business.
Also, since we just got the spliced surprise minor quarter we had been working towards, we're looking for other challenges.  Let's do a surprise minor method of the month*, starting with Biddulph Surprise Minor (http://ringing.org/main/pages/method?notation=36X36.14.56X12.36.14X14.56&stage=6&le=12)  It's a double method, with bits like London and stedman places on the front and back. 

* month is however long we feel like :-)