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Going-away party, this Sunday

Hi ringers,

As I'm sure you're aware, Dale and Emily will soon be moving to New Jersey. 

Before they go, Fiona and I would like to invite you over for a going-away party, starting around 2pm this Sunday the 9th. 

There will be various grilled foods, and probably also various foods that haven't been grilled. (We haven't really thought too hard about it yet.)

We're at 33 Wildwood St in Winchester. There's a train from North Station (Lowell line) and a bus from Alewife (the 350), but we should be able to coordinate rides for those who need them. There's parking on Ivy circle, next to the house. 

Please RSVP if you can so we can plan food, but if you don't RSVP please still feel free to come.

Hope to see you there!

 - John and Fiona