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Fwd: Fall Ringing Workshop at Smith in September

Forwarding this to the boston list, several weeks later (sorry!).
Sounds like a good ringing weekend at Smith in September.  I think Sarah is hoping for handling teacher help on Saturday and more broad ringing levels on Sunday, but could possibly be convinced to change the schedule if that doesn't match our availability.  The Smith bells are a nice small 8 and the Smith campus is beautiful, especially in the fall.  It should be a good weekend!

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Date: Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 11:38 PM
Subject: Fall Ringing Workshop at Smith in September
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Greetings Smith Ringers and friends,


Please pass along, as my email lists are not at all complete … and I wanted to share this message with everyone who might be interested.


Smith is scheduling an “area meeting” and fall ringing workshop to welcome returning Smith students and Pioneer Valley community to our tower for the upcoming season. Our plan is to have a Friday evening tower tour, followed by Saturday and Sunday ringing over the weekend of 9/18-20, and then on Monday, 9/21 at noon all towers around the world will be ringing for world peace day. On Friday 9/18 Smith has a student activities fair where we will do some publicity, so our workshop coincides nicely with these events that could offer visibility into ringing and encourage student involvement, which we hope will attract new ringers.


If any of our more experienced friends and colleagues in Boston, New York and Orleans want to come on either Saturday or Sunday it would be great and we would adapt our program to your availability. At this point, we think our Saturday would be the “novice day” and Sunday would be the more advanced day for expanding skills of ringers who are already confident in ringing rounds and learning hunting and methods.


It’s been a great spring/summer at Smith.  We had rounds on 6 this week even though our students are away (thanks Elisabeth for your help in stressing the importance of steady rounds and good exercises to help us with handling). Our local band is progressing nicely and we are getting to be a pretty steady group: Alan, Sarah, Tom, Lucinda, Mae, Hannah. We are excited that Leland took a conducting course in the UK and that will add to our capabilities next fall when he returns. Our big goal next year is to ring a quarter peal with Emily Kaplan before her 2016 graduation.  When Leland and Emily are back we will be a band of 8 and can be ringing all our bells for the first time in many years. We can do this!


Let us know if our timing for a Fall Workshop is something that you’d be able to support, attend or offer suggestions.


Best regards,



Sarah A. Moriarty

Director  of Administrative Technology

ITS, Stoddard 35

Smith College

Northampton, MA 01062



smoriart smith edu


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