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ringing room emergencies

Cally wrote:

>>Matthew Sorrell posted to FB that Alan Coates had a heart attack at Sydney practice last night.  He was conscious and responsive while being lowered through the trapdoor.<<

      The whole trap door thing is scary, but possibly even more scary is the fact that it's irrelevant to us.  I worry a lot about the possibility of an emergency in the ringing room.  On Sunday evening I mentioned to Deacon Cynthia my dream of having an evacuation chair in the tower. She sensibly pointed out that before considering how to get funding for it, we should measure carefully, to make sure it would work on our weird stairs.  I will try to remember to do so on Saturday evening.    Our priority for getting money from the church is new ropes, but I worry about the tour people on those stairs or in an emergency, and I think the church should worry too (and then do something about it).





Some of the companies claim that no lifting is required, due to clever design.  The ones that do require lifting are somewhat less expensive.  I haven't done enough research to find out which company claims to have a chair that can go around awkward corners.

Laura Dickerson