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Fwd: Ringing Day on Saturday 30 May at Orleans

Here is an invite to a ringing day at Orleans some British ringers are organizing.  I went last year and it was a good day - lots of ringing at all levels, and a nice party in the evening! 
Let me know if you would like a ride or can offer a ride, and I'll arrange carpools closer to the date.


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From: Douglas Bell <douglas_bell_uk hotmail com>
Date: Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 3:02 PM
Subject: Ringing Day on Saturday 30 May at Orleans
To: Danielle Morse <dmorsebell gmail com>, Eddy Futcher <efutcher yahoo com>, Cally Perry <cally perry gmail com>

Dear Boston Ringers [for whom I have email addresses]

9 of us are coming to Orleans this year and staying in the big house we have stayed in the last few years.


Douglas Bell

Philip Goodyer

Chris Pickford

Heather Pickford

Lyn Barnett

Rachel Titmuss

Billy Clarke

Donna McEwen

David Mendel


Mike Harrison has said that he may come over from Nantucket too.


We would like to have a Ringing Day on Saturday 30 May which would take the format it did last year with ringing for all the ringers in the Community from 10.00 am until 6.00 pm with a break for lunch some time in the middle.


We are planning to host a barbecue in the evening again as we did last year. We will provide food & wine if our guests would bring any other drinks they would like to consume.

There was a good turn-out from Boston last year and if enough of you come we could ring touches of 8-Spliced Surprise Major in between all the teaching and general ringing again and if you’d like to look them up we could have goes at Cambridge Royal and Yorkshire & Lincolnshire too.

Please spread the word and let’s hope the weather is as lovely as it was last year.

Kind Regards