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sad news

  I already let Danielle know this morning, but as your NAGCR rep, I'm the person to pass along the 
news of Marietta (and then DC) ringer Kathryn Tucker's death.  Dianne Cermak sent me a nice photo of her which I could forward (I'm not sure about sending an attachment to the list).

This is the message sent to the guild from her husband:

"Dear Ringers,

I’m Kathryn Tucker’s husband, Tom Tinsley.  I’ve met many of you over the years at various ringing events, but it is fair to say that in our household, “ringing” was definitely Kathryn’s thing.

I just wanted you all to know how much Kathryn loved the world of Change-Ringing, most of all the people who made up it’s talented,intelligent and oddly eccentric personalities.  :-)

For two decades she pursued this passion and though she had occasional setbacks, she was always drawn back to the pursuit of the perfect execution of the method.

We’ll never know what the demons of depression did that drove her to give up the fight, but I know that many of her happiest memories were of bells, and peals and all of you.
I thank all of you for bringing so much good into her life.

With grateful appreciation,

Tom Tinsley

"Dear bells! how sweet the sound of village bells When on the undulating air they swim!"

Thomas Hood Quotes , Source: Ode to Rae Wilson"