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Information about the NAGCR AGM in DC

  I couldn't come up with any more letters to add to the subject line.  I have never added an attachment to a post to BCR before.  If it doesn't work, email me directly and I'll send it to you.  Editorial comment from me - the registration and meals seem expensive to me.  I remember that there used to be some scholarship money for people who couldn't afford to attend otherwise.  I could try to track it down if anybody wants me to do so.  


This is from Beth Sinclair:


We at the Washington Ringing Society are looking forward to hosting the 2014 AGM in DC this coming Labor Day weekend.  In addition to the meeting itself (on August 30), we have many other activities planned including ringing courses immediately prior to the weekend, ringing at the Cathedral and in Frederick, and (of course) social events.  The attached file includes detailed information about all of the goings on as well as the 2-page registration form.  In order to reduce costs, we have opted to stick with an analog registration process.  We will post registration updates on the WRS website (www.washingtonringingsociety.org) in late June/early July.


Please note that there are 2 important deadlines.  First, the deadline to register for the ringing courses is July 1.   Space in these courses is very limited so if you are interested in attending (either as a student or as a helper) please contact us quickly by e-mail at agm2014dc gmail com to ask any questions you may have and reserve a spot.  Second, the deadline to register for everything else is August 1.  This includes registering for the Friday evening reception at the Cathedral, Saturday evening’s dinner at Old Europe, and ordering polo shirts.  We are only doing pre-orders for the shirts; we will not have additional shirts on hand to sell during the AGM.


We look forward to seeing everyone at the end of August! 





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