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Old North practice on May 24 (the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend)

     I am aware that many people will be away next weekend - there are two notable ringing gatherings on the East Coast (Quebec, DC) and it's a holiday weekend, after all.  Still, we were pleased at

Scott's progress at Orleans  yesterday (see  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aiLJ5ZHRBs     He's wearing a red shirt, on the 8th) and would like to follow up.  Arthur and Dorcas have tentatively

agreed to attend if we can get a band together. Also it's the only weekend this month with normal service on the Acton/Fitchburg rail line. 

It would be great to have 5 method ringers, which would make it possible to ring PB doubles for Dorcas and rounds on 4 + someone standing with Scott.

Laura Dickerson