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Fwd: Ringing on Friday to honor the Newtown victims

Hi! I will be out of town, but if anyone is interested in coming to do something for this, please let the vicar know.


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From: Steve Ayres <oldnorthvicar yahoo com>
Date: December 19, 2012 2:31:09 PM
To: Richard Morse <pukku mac com>,"timwenrich yahoo com" <timwenrich yahoo com>
Subject: Re: Ringing on Friday to honor the Newtown victims


The Governor of Connecticut has asked churches to ring bells this Friday at 9:30 to remember those who died last week in Newtown.  We can ask Tim to ring one bell, but if any of your folks would like to ring, that would be great.
The Rev. Stephen T. Ayres
Vicar, Old North Church
193 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113
617-523-6676 x103

From: Richard Morse <pukku mac com>
To: Colin Harnsgate <tours oldnorth com>; education oldnorth com
Cc: vicar oldnorth com
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 10:26 PM
Subject: Ringing practices in December

Hi! There will be ringing practice this Saturday (15 Dec) from 11a-1p. There will not be practice on the 22nd, as no-one is in town. There may or may not be practice on the 29th -- I will let you know closer to that date.