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pulling off, not controlling the rope

At Old North, we've had a number of discussions (and occasional careful demonstrations) of what happens if you pull off an up bell and let go of the rope. This person (thought to be Charles Russell at Cricklade) decided (presumably on his on, without sensible advice from anyone else) to have the bells participate in the "All the Bells" project by pulling them off. It's not clear how the tails are affixed to the wall, but they must be, or there would be considerably more whipping around. There has been a lot of discussion online about his stupid behavior in this case, but I wonder who thinks it's a good idea to leave the bells up when it's a ground-floor ring.
A better idea - creating good publicity for ringing by inviting neighbors & parishioners in to learn chiming for the event. This is Knaresborough, but several other towers did the same thing
Laura Dickerson